Pugu Hill Nature Reserve

Pugu Hill Nature Reserve

Eastern Circuit

Pugu Hill Nature Reserve

Nature Forest Reserves 120.1 km² Eastern Circuit, Dar es Salaam, Pwani

Pugu Hill Nature Reserve also known as Pugu / Kazimzumbwi Nature Forest Reserve is a protected area located in Kisarawe ward of Kisarawe District in Pwani Region, Tanzania. The forest borders in the Pugu ward, of Ilala MC in Dar es Salaam to the east about 10 km from Dar City Center, adjacent to the Kazimzumbwi Forest Reserve. 

This rich portfolio of tourism attractions enable the reserve to offers enormous recreation satisfactions, meditation, or reflection moments. The forest is filled with 100+ species of trees, and a number of steep and gentle hills. Has a viewpoint that will enable you to see the breathtaking view of Dar es Salaam City. Is also has a Lake called ‘Minaki’. This is an ideal place to get in tune with Nature. The place has ancient caves that are used for local prayers by the residents around this locality. Small animals like colobus monkeys and Millipede and variety of birds are also found.

It takes 4 to 5 hrs to explore the whole forest. Apart from Dar es Salaam being a busy city, Pugu hills are one of the unique places to explore nature, a go-to place for hiking, and a perfect getaway for nature exploration.


  • Drive over to Pugu Hills forest about 1.30 hrs drive from Dar es Salaam City
  • After arriving at the entry point, do registration and start the hike.
  • You can start explore the forest initially by going through the lake, where you'll get a chance to see the lake and several flora and fauna bushes' mixed with bamboo forests, followed by a hike that will enable you to see the whole of Dar es Salaam
  • At the forest, you'll see the ancient caves that are used for local prayers, 100+ species of trees, a peaceful bamboo forest that will enable you to get in tune with nature, a great view of Dar es Salaam City and several monkeys.
  • Afternoon Drive back to Dar es Salaam

Note: This tour can be customized

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