Tanzania Travel Advice and Tips

Tanzania Travel Advice and Tips

Is Tanzania safe to travel?

”I want to visit Tanzania, but is it safe?” This is a question that regularly comes up from our clients seeking Tanzania travel advice. The short answer? Yes! Tanzania is one of the safest destinations in Africa, with more than 1 million tourists visiting the country every year.

When is the best time to travel to Tanzania?

While much of the year is suitable there are some key times you should plan to go to get the best experience, and see animals easier. Experts recommend visiting in the dry season, which runs from June to October. During this time the animals are easier to find and see as they have to concentrate around waterholes and rivers, and there is less vegetation for them to hide in. There are fewer mosquitoes at this time of the year, because there is almost no rain. Skies are clear and most days are sunny.

It gets very busy in June and July, when the huge mass migration activity peaks in the Serengeti. However, with millions of animals on the move many travellers still want to still go there to experience it. But availability will be tighter and prices higher.

I travelled in late May into early June, and we had overall good weather and incredible sightings of animals – including the “Big Five”.

What is the population of Tanzania?

The population of Tanzania is almost 60 million. One of Africa’s most ethnically diverse countries, around 125 different ethnic groups live in Tanzania, with more than 100 different languages spoken nationwide.

The Tanzanian people are well-known for their hospitality, often warmly welcoming tourists to experience their beautiful nature, wildlife and culture. Meeting the locals is one of the best ways to really learn more about a country and its culture and is well recommended on your Tanzania discovery!

Do I need a visa for Tanzania?

Most international travellers will need a visa to travel to Tanzania. Your visa can be requested online through the official visa website from the Tanzanian government. Please note that this is the only official link for Tanzania visa applications.

It is also possible to get a tourist or business visa for a single entry on arrival at the main ports of entry to Tanzania. This visa for Tanzania is valid for three months. You may be asked to provide proof of your return journey, and costs are $50 per person, US Citizens $100 per person.

When arranging your trip to Tanzania with Tanzania specialist, we guide you through every step of the visa and administration process.

Passport requirements

Passports should have at least six months of validity after the final day of travel.

What vaccinations are needed for Tanzania?

A yellow fever vaccination certificate is only required for travellers one year of age and older coming from – or who are in airport transit for more than 12 hours within – a country with risk of yellow fever transmission.

In addition to standard vaccinations such as MMR and TDP, the CDC and WHO recommend vaccinations for Tanzania, such as Hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and typhoid. Yellow fever and rabies vaccinations are also recommended depending on the traveller’s activities. As of January 2023 there are no more COVID-19 restrictions in Tanzania, and vaccinations or PCR-tests are no longer necessary before traveling.

As with all international travel, we always advise you to consult your physician for professional health advice before travelling to Tanzania. 

Travel Insurance

It is essential to take out comprehensive travel insurance, especially for medical issues. Many of the tour operators will insist on this when taking your booking. Your policy should include coverage for air evacuation to a hospital and back home if required. If you are injured, or have a serious medical incident, you will need to be evacuated from the park or lodge to a main centre, or even out to a neighbouring country like Kenya, mostly likely by plane.

A relatively inexpensive option, if your policy does not cover evacuation, is to take out an evacuation policy with Flying Doctors. They provide air evacuation by bush plane out of the wilds of Tanzania to Nairobi, Kenya. More details at https://flydoc.org

What is the time in Tanzania?

Tanzania is GMT + 3. To put that into terms we all understand, check out the time difference from Tanzania to LA, New York, London and more below.

  • Los Angeles: -10 hours
  • New York: -7 hours
  • London: -3 hours
  • Berlin: -2 hours
  • Hong Kong: +5 hours
  • Tokyo: +6 hours
  • Sydney: + 8 hours
  • Auckland: +10 hours

What is the currency of Tanzania?

The Tanzanian shilling is the official currency of TanzaniaYou can use the Tanzanian shilling for smaller expenses like shopping at local markets, restaurants and supermarkets. The US dollar is used in many places, too, especially in tourist areas where many locals prefer to receive US dollars over local currency. 

1 US Dollar is 2,300 Tanzanian shilling.
1 GB Pound is 3,000 Tanzanian shilling.

What language is spoken in Tanzania?

There are over 100 different languages spoken in Tanzania. The official languages, however, are Swahili and English. You can expect all your Tanzania Specialist guides and hosts to speak English, but if you’re looking to learn a few words of Swahili before your trip.

Travelling in Tanzania is more than just a vacation. For many explorers of Tanzania, this is a bucket-list adventure to remember for a lifetime. For detailed Tanzania travel advice or to start planning your custom vacation in Tanzania, contact us now.

We look forward to welcoming you to Tanzania soon!

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