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Kaole village formally known as ‘Pumbuji’ is one of the oldest villages that immigrants from Arabic countries choose as they landed on East Africa’s coast.  Kaole ruins is located about five (5) kilometers South East of Bagamoyo. The ruins, once a prosperous Arab town holds the remains of the first settlement of the Arab foreigners in Bagamoyo. Some of the structures at the site includes house ruins, water wells, two coral mosques; one being the oldest in Tanzania and the other in East Africa; and numerous Shirazi-style pillared tombs. It is believed that some of the tombs are the graves of foreigners that died there and local rulers (Diwanis) and other well-known Sheikhs who have lived along the coastal area. The ruins date back to the period between the 13th century to 16th century. Kaole Ruins declined due to the arrival of the Portuguese in the 15th century and Kaole people majority originating from Asia. Beyond the ruins, there is an old port surrounded by a Mangrove forest.

15th century Kaole Mosque

The 15th Century Mosque was built by Shiraz. However, the mosque does not have partition hence believed to belong to the Sunni Islamic people.

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