Chole Bay Snorkelling, Mafia Island

Chole Bay Snorkelling, Mafia Island


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2 ~ 3 hours
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Snorkeling / Swimming
Scuba Diving


Snorkelling in Chole bay is a fantastic, colourfully exuberant experience accompanied by hoards of fish, all with different shapes, colours and sizes. The waters surrounding Mafia Island offer an extraordinary variety of marine diversity, with over 400 species of fish, 5 species of marine turtle and 48 species of coral. All of our snorkel sites are a 30 minute boat journey from the beach, one that offers us fantastic views as we slowly make our way out into the bay. You will always be accompanied by an experienced snorkel guide who leads you on your journey through the aquamarine waters of the marine park.

This snorkel trip normally last a few hours but it’s advisable to stay as long as tide is still low  and head back to the shore before high tide. It’s encouraged that to do snorkelling trip to see the magical underwater scenery that Mafia has to offer even if you’re an inexperienced swimmer.

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