Nasera Rock

Northern Circuit

Nasera Rock

Conservation Areas 50 m ↑ Northern Circuit, Arusha

The Nasera rock is situated about 20 kilometers North of Olduvai Gorge in Ngorongoro Conservation Area. It’s just a few kilometers off the shifting sand behind Gol Mountain. It is a spectacular, 50 meter (165 feet) high inselberg located in the southwestern part of the Gol Mountains. The name is a Maasai-inspired word, ‘’Naasira,’’ which means striped, written or drawn. The drawings are said to be made by Maasai Nasera rock during ancient times when they used the area as temporal settlements or hiding burrows.

Did You Know

These rocks are of the same age as those present in the South Hills and the Bao Site (859-500 mya). It might be the only known biggest fully exposed and complete inselberg in the region. 

The site has been internationally recognized for decades through its archaeological resources that have been excavated since the 1930s.

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