Day Trip to South Pare Mountains

Day Trip to South Pare Mountains

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Day Trip
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A hike through Southern Pare Mountains takes visitors through local villages and beautiful forests, and offers an opportunity to explore roads less traveled. On the top of Mountains to Chome Forest reserve, which is a dense tropical forest with many rare trees and plants. Hikes through the mountains can be a day or multi-day trips and can also be combined with a trip to Mkomazi National Park and Lake Jipe.


Day 1
Itinerary: Arusha/Moshi – Same – South Pare Mountains – Same/ Marangu /Moshi/Arusha/

We begin exploration and head to Same District and then up to Mbaga and hike the highest and most prominent Shengena Peak (2463 m/8081 ft) in Chome Nature Forest Reserve, within the range, there are 52 other peaks. 

This tour packages will include walking tours to Ranzi Dam, Ikongwe Village tour, Mkwakweni village, where you will learn about traditional healers and how to make local brew (dengelua).  Then explore some local caves and proceed to Heiganda, Duma Viewpoint for a view of Mkomazi National Park.

Pare Mountain Wildlife species include the endemic South Pare white-eye, mountain buzzard, olive woodpecker, moustached tinkerbird, and the African hill gabbier.

Shengena / Chome Nature Forest Reserve
Chome Nature Forest Reserve consists of a 16 km central ridge running north-south cloaked in lush, evergreen forest. Shengena Peak (2,463 m) in the north-west of the reserve is the second highest peak in Kilimanjaro Region, after Mt Kilimanjaro. From Shengena Peak, visitors can enjoy spectacular views of Mkomazi NP, the North Pare Mountains, Taita Hills and even Mt Meru. The forest is the main source of water for Same Town and the irrigation schemes in the adjacent lowlands. The reserve is predominantly montane forest with patches of heath montane grassland and moss-draped elfin forest. Visitors can admire the impressively large East African Camphorsome reaching 30 m high and 2 metres in diameter.

Mghimbi Caves and Malameni Rock
Visit the Mghimbi Caves, which in 1860 were used as hiding places during slave raids. Proceed to Malameni Rock where until 1930, thousands of children were sacrificed to the Gods to appease the evil spirits.

Mpepera View Point
From this viewpoint, see Mt. Kilimanjaro and the expanse of the Mkomazi National Park. A cross on the hilltop symbolizes a peaceful union between the Protestants and Roman Catholics of the area.

Tona Moorland – Ranzi Dam
From Tona Lodge, walk though lush rainforests to view Malameni Rock and Proceed to Tona Moorland. Behind the Moorland are ruins from the period of German missionary influence in Mbaga Hills. Go on to Ranzi Dam, where you can picnic beside a natural spring. Ranzi Lake “Maji ya juu” which literally means waters on high. The lake is 2,000 meters above sea level in the south Pare Mountains.

Thornton Falls - Gonja (446 Ft.)
The first European to see the falls in the South Pare Mountains was Richard Thornton in 1862 hence named after him. Thornton had previously worked with the famous explorer Dr. David Livingstone on the Zambezi before travelling north to the Pares and Kilimanjaro. The local people call the falls “Ndurumo” The falls are formed from the river Hingilili originating from the Shengena rain forest on the mountain top. From the falls you get a breathtaking view of Lake Kalemawe on the plains along with rice fields.

Heiganda Duma Viewpoint
Visit Mbakweni village, home to traditional healers and breweries, Go on to Mlamba Natural Caves and Chabaru, a traditional village, before you begin your ascent to Heiganda Duma viewpoint.

Ikongwe Village Tour
Walk along mountain terrace and waterfalls from Ikongwe Village. The area abounds in tropical fruits. On the way back, stop by Mpepera viewpoint.

Red Reservoir Tour
This is an excellent picnic and bird viewing sport high in the mountains near the Tona Moorlands.

Old Dannholz House - The Legacy of Jakob Dannholz
In 1902 Mbaga became the site of one of the earliest Lutheran missions in the interior of what was then German East Africa, founded by Jakob Dannholz. The original church built by Dannholz is still in use, an oddly Bavarian apparition in these remote African hills, as is the stone house in which he lived. A more enduring legacy of the man’s work, however, is his seminal and sympathetic treatise documenting rare oral traditions that might otherwise have been forgotten. Written between 1912 and 1918, “The Curse and the Blessing”. It provides much insight into the cultural sites around Mbaga.

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