Day Hike to North Pare Mountains

Day Hike to North Pare Mountains

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A hike through Pare Mountains takes visitors through local villages and beautiful forests, and offers an opportunity to explore roads less traveled. On the top of Northern Pare Mountains to Kindoroko Forest reserve, Hikes through the mountains can be a day to multi-day trip and can also be combined with a trip to Mkomazi National Park and Lake Jipe.


Day 1
Arusha/Moshi – Mwanga Town – North Pare Mountains – Mwanga/ Marangu/Moshi/Arusha

Access to the North Pare Mountains is available through the town of Mwanga, which is located 55 km (35 mi) to the southeast of Moshi. From there, a sandy road leads visitors to Usangi village in the heart of the mountain range.

There are 11 peaks that surround the village, most of which offer ample adventure opportunities for hikers in the area. The Kindoroko Trail is a particularly popular option in the region as it leads visitors through a forest reserve where hikers will be able to spot monkeys and a wide variety of birds. Along all of the main trekking routes in the North Pare Mountains, hikers can enjoy impressive vantage points that let you see well-known features like Lake Jipe and even Kilimanjaro when it’s not hidden in the clouds.

Some of the most popular day trips in this part of the range include hikes to the Mangatu Moorland, visits to Goma Hill where Pare chiefs traditionally dug caves to hide from rival tribes and colonial powers, or treks to the summit of Kindoroko (2100 m/6890 ft), Hike between the villages, Trek in the Eucalyptus forest, Visit the Usangi market and Bird watching.

Usangi Kindoroko Forest Tour
Via the Goma caves you gradually climb to the forest reserve on Kindoroko Mountain. Kindoroko has the shape of a table mountain and once on top you can easily walk through the natural forest, while trying to spot monkeys and special birds. On the other side of the forest you will see stone terraces and irrigation systems in the village of Kisangara juu, before returning to Usangi via a route through the moorland.

Mangatu View Tour
Through farms on the lower part of the slopes you gradually climb to the Mangatu moorland. On top you reach the Mbale clan-forest, from where you have excellent views of Mount Kilimanjaro and Lake Jipe.

Goma Caves Tour
Via the farms around Usangi, you reach Goma hill, where a century ago the Pare Chiefs dug deep caves to hide themselves against rival tribes and later the Colonial ruler. In a nearby hut the villagers still keep some 40 skulls of Pare chiefs who were killed in tribal and colonial wars.

Shigatini Village Tour
Via a natural forest you walk to the village of Shigatini. Here farmers will proudly show you the irrigation systems, soil conservation methods used and tree nurseries they have set up. Old churches and graves of the first missionaries can be visited as reminders of the early German influence.

Kamwala Mountain Climb
First we pass the Chegho moorland, where Mzee Keiya, an old farmer can tell you some fascinating stories about the miracles that took place here in the past. From here it is a steep climb through a natural forest to the top of Kamwala Mountain. On your way up and down you alternately have good views to the plains north and south of the Pare Mountains.

Northern Pare Car-Round Trip
Via Mwanga you enter the mountains and first go to the Northern spurs, where you stop at the Wara storage lake. From here you turn southwards to Shigatini and Usangi. On your way you have perfect views, visit some progressive farmers and local factories and see several relics from the time of tribal wars and colonial rule. The tour can easily be done as a day-trip from Marangu or Moshi/Arusha.

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