Day Trip to Isimila Stone Age and Igeleke Rock Art Sites

Day Trip to Isimila Stone Age and Igeleke Rock Art Sites


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Experience Iringa on this full-day tour starting from Isimila Museum and observe palaeolithic tools and canyon formations at the ancient Isimila Stone Age site, then visit Kalenga museum learn Mkwawa and Majimaji History. Admire prehistoric Igeleke Rock Art, visit a World War I cemetery and witness a beautiful sunset from the Gangilonga Mountain. 


Day 1
Iringa – Isimila Stone Age Site – Kalenga Museum – Igeleke Rock Art

From Iringa town a 45-minute drive to the Isimila Stone Age site. Here you will first visit the museum and observe different palaeolithic stone tools dated back to about 1.5 million years. 

Head into the Isimila canyon down a steep footpath to see beautiful geological pillar-like formations. The walk is very scenic owing to the reddish tint of the soil and clear skies. Keep an eye out for rare bird and tree species.

Take a short break at the site office and drive out to the Kalenga Museum at about 11:00 AM.

Reach the Kalenga Museum around 11:30 AM. Learn about the history of the Hehe tribe and the story of Chief Mkwawa against the Germans and Majimaji War. Get to see Chief Mkwawa's skull and tombs of Hehe chiefs.

After lunch, drive to see the spectacular Igeleke Rock paintings. The ochre-coloured cave art depicts human figures, an elephant, jumping eland, and giraffes hiding in the long grass. Here you will also hear beautiful legends about the rock paintings.

Visit WW1-era German and British cemeteries at 3:00 PM and learn more about the impact of the world war on Iringa.

Walk up the Gangilonga Mountain at 3:30 pm and take in the view of Iringa town. At the top, enjoy the fresh air and cool blowing breeze, and witness a beautiful sunset in the evening, before returning to Iringa Town.

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