Wami - Mbiki WMA

Wami - Mbiki WMA

Situated in central, eastern Tanzania between latitudes 06010'00" and 06030'00"S and longitude 37050'00" and 38015'40" E.

Established 2003

Population 65,935

Major Ethnic Groups: Wakwere, Wazigua, Wamasai, Wagogo

Nearest Protected Areas: Saadani National Park

Number of villages allocated land to establish WMA 24

The wildlife density in the WMA has sufficient number and variety of animals that makes the WMA suitable for walking safaris and photo tourism, it also have potential non wood forests products such as medicinal plants and fruits. The villages surrounding WMA are mix of cultures which adds additional entertainment and learning forum for visitors.

It is 200 km due west of Dar es Salaam, north of Dar-Morogoro Highway. Its southern boundary is located 14km from the main access along the Dar - Morogoro highway and the Mkongo Camp, is located 45km north of the 50 km peg from Morogoro.

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